About Us

Welcome to Inspired Techs and thank you for checking out our story!

We love to help you Get Inspired! So I am certain that you will love hearing about how we came to be and how we help our customers reach the next level!

We become a true part of your team and a partner to your business to achieve more.

“Our founder Leon created Inspired Techs in October of 2012. He had been in the IT industry for over 10 years at the time and was lucky to see multiple sides of the industry.

From getting a start in the IT space being on the Microsoft help desk, working his way up to Microsoft partner support. Working with some large enterprises like Komatsu, Colgate palmolive and Suncorp he was able to gain valuable enterprise experience to help shape how we deliver our services today!

Moving from enterprise to support local Small to medium businesses, Leon has had a passion for helping them succeed.

He had come from the traditional IT support model which many will be familiar with, the “ad hoc/break fix” model. This is when you have an issue, you call IT, they come and fix it and then charge you.

Now this did not sit well with Leon, for the IT company to make money, their clients had to have issues. This all seems a little backwards.

With the start of Inspired Techs, Leon flipped this model on its head!

How about we take on a lot of the business risk for our clients. No longer will you have unpredictable IT spending, no longer will you have unexpected issues that prevent you from working. It is up to us to ensure your company is running as efficient and productive as possible!

Can you imagine a business partner like that?

The Inspired Way starts from our alignment of over 350 best practices and standards, through to providing your business with technology as your competitive advantage.

Simplify your IT Costs, gain budgeting and planning and develop a true technical strategy to achieve your business goals in shorter time!

Truly leverage your technology to have an edge against your competition.