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The “Tale” Of Inspired Techs

Let us take you on a little journey of how Inspired Techs came to be…

A message from our founder

The tale of Inspired Techs starts off way back in 1991, Where Leon Black (Founder/CEO/Director of Inspiration) was of the ripe age of 3.

Leon was fortunate enough to have parents that were open minded and up with some of the current technologies.

We had a Commodore 64 and my favourite game was “The Great Gianna Sisters”. This was essentially a slightly different version of Mario Bros. At the age of 3 sitting there with his father watching him struggle at a challenge of one of the levels Leon got fed up watching and convinced his father to let him get past that part.

Unbeknownst to Leon this was the start to an interest in computers and a natural ability to understand and resolve issues.

Throughout Primary and High School, Leon was fixing friends computer issues and always playing around with his own, making it faster and work better, learning valuable troubleshooting skills. Fast forward to the end of high school and Leon chose to get straight into the workforce and take IT from a business level, head on. Gaining real world experience inspired from working in Microsoft Support, Komatsu internal support and a few other high profile companies, through to Suncorp Australia internal support. Suncorp selected Leon to fly to New Zealand for a month and help the New Zealand Suncorp team after being there for only 3 months, all while being the youngest person in the support team.


Finding a new work “Family” in a small business on the Central Coast, NSW, Leon became an integral part of the team. Constantly developing new business processes and methods to help increase the efficiency and profitability, we grew the business to double its size and kept many loyal customers.


Inspired Techs was born out of a vision to redefine I.T. as it is currently known. To create a new level of outstanding reliability through managed proactive services rather than the traditional break/fix model.


With our managed solution, our motivation is to get your computers and network running to the best of their ability so that you don’t *need* to see us. Achieving this allows for your business to have better profit margins from the reductions in downtime and staff frustrations and increases the stability of your network.


Success to us is the ability to help others succeed in their goals and passions.

Inspired Techs is not your normal IT company.
We are here to make a difference and create a revolution in IT and business development!


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Leon Black
Director of Inspiration – Inspired Techs


Leon Black

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Team Lead
Anthony Barr

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On-Site Tech
Derek Greenfield

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Bron Brookes

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