Beyond Work – Inspired Techs Out of the Office!

I decided to start a new blog category to do with things unrelated to work.
This gives you a little bit of a glimpse into some of the things that I (Leon) and the other staff members are passionate about.

I plan to deliver some nice posts about some topics that interest us and things we have become aficionado’s of.

There is a wide variety of activities and hobbies that I partake in, and have enjoyed growing my knowledge in those fields.

I believe it is important to have things in your life that you enjoy doing and look forward to. Learning more and building your skills with. Having things that are not related to work helps you keep Inspired and keeps your motivation alive!

So please, stay tuned and feel free to give your comments and thoughts on some of the things we get up to when the work clothes are hung up for the day!

Get Inspired!
Director of Inspiration