Boy’s Shed Update

You may recall our post in May about our donation to the Boy’s shed and what a great cause this is (

We have recently had an update from Chris Rubie who works with the boys and provided some more details.

Chris has said…

“Dear Leon,

I have recently received your email address from the Mens Shed so I am writing to you to thank you for the tremendous donation you have given to the Boyz Shed at BVPS.

The Boyz Shed was commenced about 2 years ago but did not progress any further due to the student welfare worker leaving soon after. When I commenced in term 4 last year I saw the value of this programme so began rebuilding it. The first thing I did was contact the Mens Shed who have been an amazing support for the boys who attend. Boys are selected carefully by teachers and are usually children who come from broken or dysfunctional homes. Volunteers from the Mens Shed bring their expertise and timber that they have cut out in their workshop for the boys to assemble. So far they have made things such as tool boxes, jewellery boxes and photo frames which the boys usually give as presents to people in their families.

The Boyz Shed when I took over the coordination of it had hardly any tools to work with. Your donation has been a great boost in fixing this problem! Attached is a photo of the boys with some of the new tools we have purchased with your donation.

Once again, on behalf of the boys thank you for your generous donation. ”

We love hearing that our donations are making a difference, and to see how its impacting the lives of others is truly heart warming!