Business Phone & Communication Services

Finally! A Business-Grade VoIP Phone System That Will Deliver The Cost Savings You Want WITHOUT Sacrificing The Sound Quality and Dependability of A Landline!

Our Inspired PBX solution will save you thousands on your phone bill and give you access to more features and functionality than ever!

Take your business to the next level with our Inspired PBX!

As a small-medium business, it can be costly to have a phone solution that empowers you to really know your business, know your customers and know when they are contacting you.

I bet, right now you are paying more than you need to be and do not even gain the valuable insights into how your customers are interacting with you.

At Inspired Techs, we have meticulously crafted an enterprise grade solution to empower our small to medium business customers with the functionality and flexibility that previously, only large corporates could afford.

Our Inspired PBX Solution will bring to you:


Reduced phone bills and hardware costs

Customers typically experience up to 70% in savings

A custom call flow

to suit your business and how you work with your customers

Includes FREE voicemail

PLUS fax to email, auto attendant, call distribution, queues, and more

Detailed call analytics

  • Discover what day and time your customers contact you the most
  • Are you missing calls and revenue?
  • Empower your staff with key performance indicators to drive productivity

Use your business phones from anywhere

on any device – no longer be locked to a desk
Many phone providers will sell you limited access to a solution and every additional feature you need for your business is an addon each month.

We believe in providing you with exceptional value, so all of our Inspired PBX Solutions include the following:

  • Unlimited flexible conditions
    Automatically switch during business hours and after hours
  • Auto attendants
    Automatically route calls to their required destination through auto attendants
  • Call queues
  • Fax to email
  • Wall boards for live statistics
  • Antifraud to prevent unauthorised use
  • Central company phone book
  • Dial by name directory
  • Detailed call analytics to provide you with real business data about your customers and staff
  • Hot desking
  • Provide your on messages and custom music on hold
  • Conference rooms
  • Ring groups, paging, intercom and many more

Business Internet Solutions

Has your business ever been stuck with the internet offline?

Get a good quality internet connection to support your business.

Avoid those run of the mill home user plans that slow down constantly!

Inspired Techs is an accredited NBN™ service provider.

NBN Service Provider

Our recommended business internet solution combines the following into a package to provide you with a business grade solution at a fraction of the cost that keeps your business online and protected!

  • Business Focused NBN Service
  • NBN Guaranteed Service Level Agreements
    • To have guaranteed turn around times from NBN directly
    • Default 12 hours with options of down to 4 hours and 24×7 response times
  • Managed Security Firewall
    • Protect your business from threats
    • Prioritise critical traffic (like voice)
  • 4G Internet Backup
    • When your internet goes down, your business wont! Keep running on our 4g failover

Are you ready to save on your Phone and Internet?

I bet you are! Get in touch for a better solution.

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