Our Coffee Pick – Wyoming, Gosford and surrounding areas

On a side post here at Inspired Techs, we would like to talk about a side passion of ours – Coffee!

Coffee has many great attributes to it, unfortunately there are too many cafe’s around that do not take their coffee seriously. They lack the passion and feel and in the end it just becomes some brown water in a cup, lacking the journey and desire which goes in to making a great coffee.

This means that most of the coffee from a number of “cafes”, is just rubbish. From burnt beans, to watery nothing, to something I would not like to give an animal. The essence which is a good coffee requires some love and attention, there is a lot more that goes into it than “grind beans, put in portafilter, run hot water through it into a cup”, a science if you may, grind fineness, grind amount, pour time, milk frothing technique, and when people put the time and effort and truly have a passion for the coffee they make, it shows by what you get in the cup. – You deserve a good coffee experience so make sure you get one!

Based on my coffee experiences in Australia I would estimate roughly 70% of cafes in Australia are delivering you a cup of coffee that is sub par and not worth its high $4 odd price tag.
If you *need* to put sugar in it for it to taste alright, its a bad coffee.
In saying this, I would like to give a shout out to our local – Ministry Cafe in Wyoming. Jared is passionate about his cafe and you can see this in the end result. The food is also delicious!
I would highly recommend getting in there and getting a coffee made by Jared 🙂 (He is the tall bearded one, give him a high five or something)

They make for a great stop in for breakfast or lunch and are open at the crack of dawn!

Check out their facebook and give them a like for more info. https://www.facebook.com/yourmorninglocal