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Computer Security Predictions for 2017

computer security predictions

Computer Security Predictions for 2017

You need to be aware of the latest computer security predictions. It will ensure that you can prevent damage to your business. Prevention is always better than administering a cure, especially if you have a lot at stake. Computer security attacks are not uncommon for individuals or businesses of any size. Additionally, organizations that handle large volumes of personal data are more likely to be the target of an attack.


High-risk computer security predictions for 2017

Automated ransomware attacks

Ransomware is a type of malware that attacks the system and blocks access until a certain sum of money is paid. This malicious software can affect all sorts of files and directories, threatening to compromise sensitive data. Typically, ransomware attackers will threaten to permanently erase or abuse your data unless you pay the ransom.


Automated ransomware attacks do not choose whether they attack businesses or individuals. However, businesses have more at stake. When a computer within a business network is hit with an infection, all the computers in the network are affected as well.


Ransomware attacks are getting more sophisticated and can abuse even the tiniest of security gaps and vulnerabilities. Most ransomware attacks demand ransom payment in cryptocurrencies. This makes it even harder to track down the attacker.


Automated ransomware attacks are equally likely to attacks businesses as well as individuals.

Smartphone attacks


Ever since smartphones penetrated the market, their growth has been on an exponential curve. Just try to think about this. How many people do you know that do not own a smartphone? This is why mobile device attacks are growing at a fast rate as well. If you own a business, this should concern you as well. Company attacks can happen when a compromised mobile device is connected to a business network.


There are many ways to become a victim of a Smartphone attack. It can happen if you install mobile malware on your phone, or if you connect to an infected wireless connection. You can even get attacked by smart jacking. This is where you get infected via a USB port used for charging. You think you’re just charging your phone, but your phone is getting malicious data transferred to it without your knowledge.


Avoid juice jacking by using your own AC adapter or a battery backup device. Also, consider using a tool known as a “USB Condom” that blocks data transfer when charging your phone.


Smart home device attacks


Many household appliances are becoming digitally enhanced and converted into smart home devices. This includes a wide array of products, from smart door locks to smart lights and smart thermostats. And ultimately, the purpose of those devices is to make life easier. However, the smart home market is still a novice market.


You might have a smart security system at your house that is connected to the primary network. At the office, you might have a smart thermostat connected to your business network. A network attack can affect your smart devices. You need to protect yourself from smart home device attacks. To do this, update and encrypt your hardware and disconnect devices that are not currently in use.


Your IT infrastructure is the foundation for your business, so computer security should be a top priority.

Social engineering attacks


Smart companies are proactive about their IT security. They take the proper steps to protect themselves from cyber attacks. However, many businesses are overlooking their own staff as a potential security flaw. Employee credentials can easily be compromised to attack a company network. Companies and businesses are just as susceptible to social engineering attacks as individuals.


Phishing scams, false security programs, and social network hoaxes are just a part of the potential social engineering threats. If you’re a business owner, educate your employees about phishing and other social engineering attacks. Attackers know that it’s far easier to trick a person than a security system. Educating yourself and your employees about social engineering attacks can minimize the chances of such attacks.


Cloud security attacks


Cloud computing, whether used for storage or remote virtualization, is a very handy solution used by businesses of all sizes. The provider of the cloud service takes on all the risks and responsibilities. This includes responsibility for the operating systems, software and networking solutions within a company. The concept of cloud computing brings many amazing solutions that make work a lot easier for businesses. Still, in some cases, cloud computing carries some risks as well.


By relying on a cloud computing provider for data storage or virtualization, you’re relying on their own infrastructure security. Cloud providers are responsible for large volumes of data, making them an enticing target for attackers. You can protect yourself and your business by reviewing the security levels of the cloud computing provider whose services you use.


You can avoid third party data breaches by partnering only with third parties that you trust.

Third party data breaches


An unauthorized access or deliberate attack on a system that handles sensitive user data is considered a data breach. A data breach that occurs through third party services that handle your data is a third party data breach. Third party data breaches are very common and can happen to anyone using third party services. Independent entities, as well as businesses and companies, can be a victim of a third party data breach.


Many things can make systems more vulnerable to data breaches. This includes inadequately secured remote access, bad network configurations, and encryption mismanagement. It also includes the mismanagement of anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware software. All companies and entities should be aware of the risks, business, and route of access of any third parties they collaborate with.


How to prepare for the computer security predictions of 2017


Computer security attacks can happen to anyone, whether a business or an individual. Unfortunately, no one can predict when or what kind of an attack hits you. However, there are certain preventive measures you can take to protect yourself or your company from security attacks.


The right IT partner will take preventive measures to protect your business from any IT security threats.


Apply preventive security measures ‒ Firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to preventive security measures.

Educate yourself and your employees ‒ Many cyber attackers use employees and their devices to attack the company network. By educating yourself and your employees on cyber attacks you can prevent a lot of potential damage.  Partner up with a secure company ‒ Minimize your chances of a security attack by partnering up with a secure IT company that you can trust.


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