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Data Recovery Service

Is your data in jeopardy?

Data Recovery Service

Computer crashes, hard drive failures and loss of data are an almost inevitable part of any business.

This can cause significant downtime in your business which will cost you money if you don’t get it fixed immediately. Inspired Techs provides a data recovery service that will get your business back up and running in quick time.

What we do


  • Hard drive recovery
  • Disaster recovery
  • Corrupt data recovery
  • Operating system recovery
  • Network recovery

We have vast experience in recovering data from a variety of devices such as hard drives, sd cards, usb drives and external hard drives. The tools and expertise we have mean that your chances of recovery is greatly increased. Furthermore, if you are a managed client, you will have a suite of business continuity and backups being performed which will mean that we can easily restore your required information.

What you need to do –



    • Make a note of anything that may help us diagnose what has happened to your computer. Things like the screen was on but the mouse isn’t moving, or the computer won’t power on at all, or any unusual beeping sounds coming from the computer case. Also make a note (or take a photo with your camera or smart phone) of any error messages that appear on your screen.


    • If you have a computer system crash, turn off your computer and unplug it from the power supply.


    • If you think your system has been compromised by a virus or malware, turn off your computer immediately and unplug it from the network.

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