Here’s How You Can Recover Lost Data

Nowadays it is absolutely essential that small businesses have a good data loss prevention strategy. As a business owner you need to know how to reduce the risk of data loss, recover lost data if necessary, and get back on track after “surviving” an IT disaster. Let us look at some of the things you have to know in order to do all of this.

Prevent Loss of Data

Understand that your company simply won’t work as efficiently as prior to the failure – regardless of your data recovery procedure. You will start losing money and your reputation will be damaged. The severity of the damage will depend upon the speed and efficiency of your recovery process, but the damage is guaranteed nonetheless.

Losing data is one of the few things that can drastically affect your reputation, and its right up there with an environmental disaster or having poor customer service. As a company owner, you should act preventively to avoid an IT disaster in your system.  

Check your Backups Regularly

Your company will have no chance to restore data without a good backup plan. Occasional random backups won’t do the job of taking care of all your company data. Keep in mind that you should make backups as frequently as possible to avoid permanently losing valuable information after a system breakdown.

It consultant work on blade server in datacenter

It’s crucial to have an offsite backup location which will make you confident that the backed up data won’t be affected by an IT failure. That being said, don’t forget to check the offsite location on a regular basis to make sure it’s working properly.

By doing backup checks frequently, you’ll avoid common problems many companies have faced in the past, such as discovering that the backup set is incomplete, or that the data has been compromised by an unfamiliar process. Test your backups on time by hiring a professional IT service – they can check and maintain your company data at the highest level, 24/7.

Ways to Recover Data

Following an IT disaster, check the backups to determine whether lost data can be restored to the system. With a quality and comprehensive backup protocol, you’ll be able to get back on track and overcome the disaster quickly and efficiently.

Use Data Recovery Software

IT disasters destroy company information, including valuable data which is necessary for the recovery process. Using data recovery software, you can get access to data which can’t be accessed from a backup, and recover the files you need.

Data recovery software can give you an overview of the health of your hard drives and how many files you can recover from the disaster. Therefore, you can use this type of software to recover lost files on desktop computers, laptops, RAID drives, servers and other digital devices.

Keep in mind that such software doesn’t do any magic, i.e. it won’t recover everything you’ve lost. But it can still perform a recovery of a significant number of deleted and corrupted files, which can then assist you in rising your business from the ashes. Typically, the company you’ve hired to protect your business data should use good data recovery software.

A lot of data recovery software is designed for professionals, and you’re unlikely to master using it quickly. You’re better off hiring an IT team that has years of experience with such software. If you want to do it on your own, try to find user friendly software solutions. Be aware that such options are less powerful though.

Contact an IT Professional

Sometimes, lost data can’t be recovered even if you use multiple recovery software applications. Some IT issues require additional technical expertise and you should contact a reputable IT service. Their experience with technologies such as SSD and encryption can help you recover what is left from your backups, but they can also give you preventive advice for the future.

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When your business is going through a difficult period, hiring a good data recovery team can prove to be the best option for your company for several reasons:

  • Their technical analysis gives details on how much data can be recovered;
  • The IT recovery experts provide emergency service for critical and immediate data recovery;
  • You get a completely transparent data recovery process.

Recovery data organisations such as Inspired Techs have many years of experience, the latest IT tools and knowledge needed to provide the fastest recovery solutions for any type of business. Paying for a service like ours will speed up the IT disaster recovery process and provide an evaluation on when you can get your business right on track.

A professional recovery service can recover your files if data loss has been caused by a human error or viruses infecting the system. More importantly, a team of IT professionals is capable of providing quality service when the loss of data has been caused by excessive heat, explosion, or any type of physical damage to the servers.

Use Time Machine (Mac) or Backup and Restore (Windows)

Small businesses that use Macs should get familiar with the recovery software called Time Machine. Using Time Machine, you don’t have to worry about backups anymore since the software automatically creates them every 24 hours. You can, of course, change the frequency and set it to every 7 days or maybe twice per month.

Time Machine allows you to exclude specific data from the backups. Using this feature, you can select the files that don’t have to be stored to a backup drive. Hence, you can save space on your drive and valuable time when accessing backups which Time Machine has created for you.

Windows users can restore important data with the Backup and Restore feature. As with Time Machine, you can choose the files you want excluded when creating a specific backup. Also, this feature allows you to create a system image backup, which is helpful in restoring Windows files that are crucial for the operating system to fully load after an IT disaster. It is best practice to have your data on a centralized location that is being backed up, however at least having each of the computers backing up will mean you are not in risk of a complete loss if there is a failure.


Businessman smiling after a successful recover lost data attempt.

Recovering lost data can be an exhausting process, especially after suffering from devastating IT infrastructure collapse. We, at Inspired Techs, can offer you our help in the form of excellent IT service. Our experienced IT professionals can help you recover from any IT disaster. We have a strong development engine and reliable tech team that can provide fast and effective solutions for IT issues of any kind.