HIGH RISK Virus – Cryptolocker – SDRO Emails – DO NOT OPEN THEM!

Cryptolocker has reared its ugly head again in the past week. A new variant of this terrible virus is doing the rounds through an email posing to be the “State Debt Recovery Office” and saying you have a fine.

SDRO will not email you a fine, you will always get a fine in the mail. Please make sure you do not open one of these emails, and definitely do not open the link in it, or the attachment!

This virus, once it has made its way onto a computer will start encrypting all of your files. Pictures, music, documents etc. It will also encrypt any network drives (i.e. your company data) that it can find. After it has done this it will pop up a notification to let you know your files have been encrypted and give you a link to click on to pay the ransom.

They will generally charge you between $300-700 to decrypt your files. Some sources say that paying the fine will get you a decryption program, others say that you still just get corrupt files. So it is a risk to pay the fine.

If your files have been encrypted, just about the only option will be to restore from a backup.

We strongly recommend that you have an up to date backup of your files, an updated paid antivirus solution (not a free version) and that you be careful when opening emails that you are not expecting.

We have deployed some preventions to our Managed Clients that help to fight this virus. These preventions will stop the program from being to launch if someone did open the link or attachment in the email.

If you are a home user, Foolish IT have released a Cryptoprevent program which helps to lock down your computer and protect against this threat. You may get it from here – https://www.foolishit.com/vb6-projects/cryptoprevent/ We recommend talking to your IT about installing this prevention if you do not know what you are doing.

If you are a corporate customer and would like to get your network protected, please feel free to contact us for assistance – 02 4302 1212, info@inspiredtechs.com.au

Please be careful when opening emails and pay attention to what they have in them.

May your computing be safe and secure!

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