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The Top 6 Reasons to Hire Dedicated Cloud IT Services

The Top 6 Reasons to Hire Dedicated Cloud IT Services

When Eric Schmidt used the phrase cloud computing in 2006, a lot of people were dumbstruck as to the meaning and potential of such services. But nowadays, no matter if you are an employee, a business owner or entrepreneur, you have probably used cloud IT services at one point or another.

Cloud computing may be a contemporary phenomenon, but the technology it’s based upon has been used for decades. Public cloud computing does not cost much – sometimes, it’s even free. It’s reliable (depending on the quantity of data) and provides you with much-needed space where you can store your data.

Reasons to Use Cloud IT Services

Cloud servers are hosted in a shared environment that is managed by your provider. There is no need to store data using hard disks or other storage devices anymore. A dedicated cloud server is a fantastic solution that comes with high security levels and can satisfy all your needs.

Both public and dedicated cloud IT services have their benefits and disadvantages. One thing is for sure, though: when it comes to dedicated cloud IT services, working with outstanding IT professionals, like the ones here at Inspired Techs, will let you take full advantage of using the cloud. In other words, you can rest assured that there are IT professionals who guarantee your data is safe.

This, alone, is worth paying the price for using such services. Moreover, when you hire a private IT company, you can physically pinpoint the servers that host your data on request, after which the data will be stacked in servers that someone is hosting especially for you.

When you’re using a public cloud service, you cannot know where exactly your data resides. This will leave you with a lot of concerns and possible headaches. After all, if a disaster would occur at your company, you are not sure who to turn to; When the disaster strikes, you probably want a quick solution to your problem and a contingency plan for future issues.

Therefore, what follows are the top 6 reasons why you should hire dedicated cloud IT services.


When you know where to locate the servers that store your data, you can be sure that the data is in safe and capable hands. You can contact your hosts at any time and ask about the condition of the servers, or extract some data that you can’t otherwise access. Using cloud IT services offers you the latest technology and hardware that can keep your data safe. This allows you to focus entirely on other important business aspects.

By using professional cloud IT services, you are making sure that your data is always safe

Having Experienced IT Technicians to Host Your Data

Although you are relinquishing some level of control over the storage method for your data, rest assured that it is being handled by skilled professionals. Moreover, you always know the physical location of the data and that it’s being monitored by outstanding staff that will work tirelessly to keep things safe.

Improved Network Reliability and Performance

Oftentimes, your network is loaded with data you may need at the moment. But, that data is so large, that it can actually slow down the performance of said network. Many businesses depend on reliable and fast network performance. By having your data stored on a dedicated server hosted by IT professionals, you alleviate these concerns and free precious disk space that will give your network some much needed room to breathe.

Spending Less on Infrastructure and Network Support

Many businesses lack the required resources to support their network infrastructure in the way they want to. Continuously monitoring all network devices is a resource-heavy activity. The costs for network support may also constitute a good chunk of your operational expenditure, even more so when remote network locations are part of your business.

Investing in external infrastructure that will host your data makes your expenses more straightforward and predictable. This gives you the opportunity to avoid any unwanted costs that you could otherwise not foresee. Additionally, working with cloud IT professionals means that they will take care of your data with their network devices and will always meet your expectations regarding the used infrastructure, disk space available, etc.

This way, you’ll always be in the loop if your data is affected in any way. Moreover, the costs for operations or crisis resolution will be dramatically reduced, along with hardware, troubleshooting, and other fees. You won’t have to worry about continuously monitoring your data and network devices anymore; Instead, skilled IT professionals will be doing it for you.

Hiring skilled IT technicians will make sure that your network infrastructure is safe

Disaster Recovery Plan

You don’t need anyone else to tell you that the data you’re storing is vital to your business. Being able to recover lost data is crucial if you have big plans for your business future.

Having a disaster recovery plan is essential and will ensure that your business can continue to function even without access to particular data.

Sometimes, the recovery process may take a while, so you need to be able to continue operating without any consequences.

There are many risks you should be aware of when considering the design of a disaster recovery plan. The cost and speed of data recovery are just some of the things you should have in mind. By hiring quality IT professionals, you are making sure that you will have an excellent plan in cases of emergency.

Saving Time and Money

This is one of the most, if not the most important aspect of hiring cloud IT services to take care of your data. By doing this, you can focus on the primary mission of your company and dedicate time and resources to growing your business and being more productive in the long run.

Even though public cloud computing may be relatively cheap, you can’t beat the long-term cost-effectiveness of choosing a dedicated cloud IT service like Inspired Techs.

The tremendous quality of Inspired Techs’ service alone is more than enough to justify any expenses.

Our quality as a business is renowned, and this is why Leon Black, from Inspired Techs, recently won the local and regional award for the best young entrepreneur. He’s also a finalist for the same award on a state level. This, of course, goes to show that if you decide to trust Inspired Techs with your company’s network and data, you will be making the right decision.