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Seven Signs It’s Time to Fire Your Managed IT Provider

Seven Signs It’s Time to Fire Your Managed IT Provider

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering whether there’s something wrong with your managed IT provider. If you have to even ask this question, it’s probably time to switch to a higher-quality IT provider. But if you want to feel more confident about the decision, some additional specifics might help give you that extra certainty. Let’s go over some of the main indicators that your IT provider isn’t good enough.


They lack a disaster recovery plan


Disasters can happen to any business, no matter the industry.  When a disaster happens, your provider should act fast to minimise the damage and help you get your business back on track as soon as possible. This is only possible if there’s a quality disaster recovery plan in place. That is why your managed IT provider should set up a backup plan before a single disaster strikes. 


You need to be sure that their disaster relief plan is strong enough. This means that several criteria should be met. For example, the plan should include an online backup of your complete file system. This is so that you can work from a different location if your primary location is under repair.


Your managed IT provider should tell you about the exact plan, the goals it seeks to achieve, and how they will achieve their goals. They should be able to tell you in precise terms what happens the minute after a disaster is uncovered, as well as what will happen in the hours and days ahead. If they can’t tell you, or you don’t like their plan, it’s time to say goodbye.


The plan should outline exactly which person on which team is in charge of what. It should outline the exact sequence of events that will unfold during disaster recovery. If your IT provider can’t tell you all of this, or you’re not happy with their plan, you should get a better IT provider.

You should always have a disaster recovery plan in place before disaster strikes

Bad communication


A quality IT partner will make sure there is at least one designated person who knows your business. This person should be your go-to person for any communication or emergencies. If communicating with your IT provider involves contacting many people before getting to the one who has the answer – this is a bad sign.


Another important aspect that comes with having a quality managed IT provider is that you can talk in terms that both sides understand. True experts are great at simplifying even the most complex of issues. If your IT provider just feeds you a bunch of technical jumble that you can’t understand, this is not a good sign. You want an IT manager that can explain things and give answers in an easy-to-understand manner.


No interest in your business


Your managed IT provider is primarily there to provide support for the technical issues. But, this doesn’t mean they need to treat you as “just another set of computers we’re servicing”. They should also show interest in your business and what you do.


They should take the time to understand your business goals and how your industry works. They should help you use technology to improve your efficiency and productivity. If they don’t understand the needs of your business, you should start looking for a new IT provider immediately.


The right managed IT provider should be involved in your business and help create the right IT strategy for growth. If your IT provider treats you in a generic way and doesn’t understand your unique needs, they are not right for your business.

Your IT provider should have a clear strategy regarding where your business is headed

They’re reactive instead of being proactive


The job of your managed IT provider is to respond to your requests quickly. But, this is only one side of the coin. They also need to be proactive. A quality provider should regularly study how your business is doing and offer new suggestions. 


This can be information about upcoming technologies that may reduce your costs. It can be a software recommendation that helps your staff manage things better. You need to see that they care about your business succeeding. If it feels like they only respond when you ask them for something, that’s not a very good sign.


From a technical stand point, it also means they should be proactive about the health of your IT. They should be monitoring all of your systems to detect possible issues long before they occur. If your IT provider only responds to issues after they happen, they’re not doing their job well. 


An excellent IT provider will make sure your business works without disruption. They do this by solving problems before they even appear. All the updates and patches should run in the background, and all the software should be up-to-date and secure. 


While not possible, the ideal scenario is that you never have to experience a single IT issue. All problems should be prevented before they have a chance of materialising.


Repetitive issues


The main reason you have an IT provider is so that you can avoid disruptions to the workflow. If you notice that you get the same issues over and over again, there is something wrong. Your IT provider should fix issues in a permanent way.


If issues keep reappearing, it means your IT provider is just “patching things up” instead of solving things at a core level. Obviously, they are not trying to discover the root cause of the problem and are not fixing it properly.


No IT company can guarantee a 100% disruption-free workflow. That’s unrealistic. But, quality IT providers do provide an option with a much lower level of incidents. They do so by fixing issues at their core, and by anticipating and solving problems before they even cause a disruption.


They’re indifferent about security


Hackers are becoming a real nuisance these days. If you’re following the news at all, you might have noticed that even the biggest corporations are getting hacked. The bad news is that cyber-crime is actually growing, and many of these cyber-criminals are now targeting small and medium-sized businesses. 


Your managed IT provider should offer you the best possible security. You should be safe from any malware, viruses, spam email, cyber attacks and phishing attacks. This involves more than just installing a couple of anti-virus solutions. A good IT provider goes much further. They will craft an entire IT security plan which includes staff training and many other measures.

Your managed IT provider should always have a clear strategy regarding hackers and cyber threats

Slow response times


As much as a quality IT provider wants you to succeed in your business, you want the same for them too. They should have a lot of work and be busy at all times. You want an IT provider that has a lot of clients and is in demand.


However, they should also know how to balance their workload. They should always have time for your business. Does your IT provider return your calls and resolve your issues immediately? If the answer is “no, it’s not immediate”, you should look for another provider who will offer the service you need.


Is it time to get a better managed IT provider? We can help!


Change always seems difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. If you go with our team at Inspired Techs, we will make the transition feel effortless. All you have to do is reach out. Let us know that you want to substitute your current IT provider, and we’ll create a plan to make this as smooth as possible.