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Top 7 benefits from working with a managed IT service provider

Top 7 benefits from working with a managed IT service provider

Top 7 benefits from working with a managed IT service provider

If you’re running a business, you know how tough it is to stay competitive in today’s market. As a business owner, you need to take care of your employees and keep them happy. You also need to cover the running costs of the company, pay the bills, and make sure that you have the latest tech at disposal. That’s where a managed IT service provider comes in.


Encourage business growth with a skilled managed IT service provider


Managed IT services let you grow your business without having to worry about losing your competitive advantage. Outsourcing your IT hassles will give you both peace of mind and lots of additional time you can spend on other tasks in your business.


It is, however, normal to have second thoughts when you are expected to hand over the wheel to another company. Even so, the feeling of “losing control” pales in comparison to all of the benefits you’ll enjoy if you take this step.


Still not convinced? Here’s why you should consider hiring a managed IT service provider.


They bring the latest in tech and experience with them


If you’re aiming to stay ahead of your competitors, you want to use the latest in technology. This will boost your output. Unfortunately, keeping up with technology is an entire job in and of itself.


This is true when we’re talking about the software your employees use to perform their tasks, or the technology used to secure and manage your IT.


When you work with an experienced managed IT service provider, you get a two-fold benefit. First of all, they work with many businesses just like yours. They have great understanding of the tools that work best with a business like yours. A good provider will easily recommend solutions (software and technology) that are essential to your business. They might even have the knowledge and contacts to procure it more affordably.


Secondly, they invest in different IT technologies so you don’t have to. A big portion of IT maintenance is actually owning the best diagnostic and monitoring tools. When you outsource your IT, you’re getting rid of a big burden on your budget.


Skilled managed IT providers can afford the best and most expensive IT tools. They use these tools to assist many different businesses. This is a huge advantage for you, as your business gets access to tools that may otherwise be out of reach.


Employee training


A quality managed IT service provider will help train your staff to meet all the necessary IT goals. There are many aspects of maintaining good IT that rely on your employees understanding proper procedures. This is important both for security and productivity reasons.


Your provider should outline some strategies and procedures, and then a plan for introducing the employees to said strategies and procedures. If your employees undergo this training, they are likely to become more systematic in their thinking and more productive in general. This, in turn, makes you more competitive as a business.


Your provider should outline some strategies and procedures, and then a plan for introducing the employees to said strategies and procedures.


They are available 24/7


Your staff will not always be at your disposal to handle difficult scenarios, such as a massive loss of data. Even if they are available, they may not have the necessary skills to handle the situation yet. You never know when a disaster might strike. It can happen at any time of the day, any day of the year, when you least expect it.


A managed service provider will always be available for you. The experienced IT professionals at InspiredTechs are here to take care of your needs 24/7, throughout the entire year. No matter if it’s a holiday or a weekend, our professionals will instantly handle any issue. 


The customer is their prerogative


The best providers understand that in order to be competitive, they should always put the needs of the customer first. Exceptional customer experience is something you should seek from any provider you’re interested in.


At InspiredTechs, we will outline what we can do for your business. Our professionals will explain the communication strategy with your team in detail. If needed, they will hold meetings with your staff to discuss or work on issues that need resolving, as well as outline plans and strategies.


A good managed service provider should be transparent and accountable to the client. Giving us the keys to your IT department places a responsibility on our shoulders to perform impeccably.


You get a one-stop shop for all your IT issues


As it turns out, business IT is quite a complex area nowadays. The phrase “business IT” actually encompasses a myriad of different aspects and areas. If you decide to handle it on your own, you will probably have a lot of different contracts and software licensing to keep track of.


The moment your security fails, you need to contact your security vendor. When your backup isn’t doing things optimally, you need to consult your storage provider. You get the idea.


When you work with a managed IT service provider, there’s only one point of contact. This will do wonders to boost your productivity and let you relax a bit. You can use this extra time to focus on other aspects of the business.


Gather valuable data


Gathering data on how your business is performing is crucial for staying ahead of the curve. You need first-hand information that will help you make informed decisions about the direction of your business.


A good IT provider will help measure the performance and productivity of your staff, or at least show you how to do it. This will help you tweak and improve your overall business performance.


A good managed IT service provider will help measure the performance and productivity of your staff, or at least show you how to do it.

Easily overcome data disasters with the help of top managed service providers


Data security is rarely considered a priority in small and medium businesses. Optimism can be a good thing in some cases, but when it comes to your data, it’s better to plan for disasters. You’d be surprised how many businesses have gone bankrupt because of an unexpected event that wiped out crucial business data. 


While it doesn’t always lead to the end of a business, it does always result in massive headaches and can set your progress back by months or even years. This is why it’s crucial to have three things in place.


  • First, you need to have the best protection possible. This includes network security, but also all protection from anything else that can go wrong.
  • Secondly, you need to have really good back-up procedures that back things up in several locations. Ideally, this should be automated.
  • And then thirdly, you need to have impeccable disaster recovery procedures pre-planned in case something does go wrong. This is to make sure that your business is back to normal in no time.


A managed IT service provider will handle all three of these aspects in a way that appears effortless. At InspiredTechs, we have a great team of experienced professionals that have worked with countless businesses just like yours. When you outsource your IT to Inspired Techs, you no longer have to think about the IT in your business – it just works.