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Managed Services

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What exactly are ‘Managed Services’?

Think of Inspired Techs Managed IT Services as a utility provider. Like electricity or power, you expect these services to be up and Inspired Techs Managed IT Servicesrunning each and every time you walk into your office. Your computer equipment should be no different. Having an Inspired Techs Managed Service is like having your own personal, fully managed IT support team 24/7, all for one monthly payment. Now you can sit back and let us take care of everything IT in your business.

How you can save $$$

Savings of 10-20% are typical for customers due to more efficient system administration and support. Using one example, a company with 5 servers and 20 client PCs, with two dedicated IT staff, saved more than $375,000 over the course of 3 years.


Tracking: incidents and maintenance of issue logs

Proactive: detection of issues to prevent impact to operations

Monitoring: detection of immediate issues that impact operations

Tracking: incidents and maintenance of issue logs

Resolution: issues that threaten operations

Service Desk: (help desk) that can be contacted via phone or email

If you find you simply don’t have the employees or time to support your network infrastructure effectively, Inspired Techs can help. Things we can help with include monitoring network devices and proprietary technologies.


Network support costs can represent a significant operational expense, particularly when multiple and/or remote locations are involved. Our complete IT managed services model at a fixed cost makes your IT expenses more predictable.


Our 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC)  monitors and proactively manages your IT infrastructure. This includes management of the following areas –

Network devices

Server and application performance

CPU utilisation

Available disk space

Network devices

Event logs

Benefits of Inspired Techs Managed Services

Know when performance or system availability is affected before it impacts your operations through proactive monitoring of network devices.

Detect and resolve problems automatically.

Network support costs associated with operations, downtime, and problem resolution are significantly reduced or eliminated.

Improve performance of network infrastructure and connected devices.

Cost reductions in four major areas: IT, Service Fees, Hardware, and Transport. Fixed costs make expenses more predictable and controllable, allowing for reallocation of capital and operating costs and reduction of costs associated with operations, downtime, and troubleshooting.

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