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Network Monitoring – Threats to Watch Out For

Network Monitoring for Security

Network Monitoring – Threats to Watch Out For

Businesses have always benefited from good network monitoring. This is why all the smartest companies already use it. But soon, most companies, including yours, will find that they have to rely on it. This is because of the ever-evolving number of threats facing businesses today.


You might have noticed that technology is evolving at ever faster rates. This brings us the ability to be better and faster at doing the good things. Unfortunately, like all innovation, it also benefits bad actors.


Cybercriminals are also becoming more sophisticated and using ever more advanced technology. And many of them will use it to target your company.

Let’s look at the biggest threats we have to look out for in 2017.



Malware has been a serious threat for a couple of years now. But things are about to get worse, much worse.


In theory, you should just install an antivirus solution and rest safely in the knowledge your company is fine. No malware for you and your company, right? Actually, wrong.


malware network threats


Unless you are getting help from IT experts, you’re likely to choose the wrong software solution. Security products are like anything else. It takes an expert to tell the difference between a product that just “looks good”, and one that is of actual quality.


Further, per-computer security isn’t enough. This is where network monitoring comes into play. When you get a good IT provider, they can help monitor your entire network as a whole.


Your business isn’t a bunch of individual computers. It is a network of many devices that work together. The latest trend in malware is that attackers are switching to mobile malware. That is, they’re primarily focused on attacking those mobile devices. Guess what, if your employee connects to your company Wi-Fi, this becomes an issue.


Gigabit connectivity


And if you think that all those tablets and mobile phones are making things an issue, just you wait. Gigabit connectivity is coming, as are new standards for wireless connectivity. All of this will make the IoT (Internet of things) an unavoidable avalanche. Before you know it, many more internet-connected devices will surround us.


Before you know it, many more internet-connected devices will surround us. The mobile devices were just the start. The next wave is already starting in the form of Internet-connected gadgets.


network monitoring against threats


This includes Internet-connected thermostats, presentation displays, fire systems, security devices, cameras and more. Your business will eventually embrace more and more of these devices. And then these devices, in turn, can be used to take over your company network.


Does all of this sound like a far-fetched sci-fi scenario? Actually, it has already happened.


In October of 2016, a massive global attack on the internet affected millions. Experts claim that it was carried out through IoT devices. It shut down many of the most important websites. That was quite scary when it happened. But it was only a warning about the future.


According to Cisco, there will be more than 26 billion IP addresses used by all sorts of devices by 2020. This gives hackers many more opportunities to hack into your network.


The IoT world is a novice when it comes to security. Many of these devices are produced with little or no security considerations. If this doesn’t change, you can expect many of these threats soon.


Cloud insecurities


Cloud technology is just another popular technology sector that’s a novice at security. In fact, there are plenty of issues with cloud computing. If you’re looking into it, consider going for a dedicated cloud computing solution.


If you use any popular cloud products, you’ve probably noticed how notoriously buggy they can be. And this is just the front-end stuff you experience as a user. Well, I assure you, cloud security in the back-end is just as bad.


This is why many smart companies are careful not to rush their infrastructure into the cloud. If you want to start leveraging the power of the cloud, consider asking a vCIO to help you.


The growth of cybercrime syndicates


Cyber Crime syndicates operate like start-ups nowadays. They are able to mature and become more sophisticated over time, just like any other start-up. In the future, they will develop even more collaborations, partnerships, and complex hierarchies.


They will increasingly work together to attack private companies. This will allow them to grow into new markets and have more success on a global level.

Their maturation has surprised even many security experts. Whereas before they operated from garages and basements, nowadays they might work in regular business offices.


cyber crime network threats

They are starting to form partnerships and collaborating with each other


In fact, they’ve become better at collaboration than the companies and industries which they attack. They are getting better at organizing and strategizing, and this trend will continue.


Cyber-crime offerings are just another type of service. Some organizations have risen within existing criminal structures. Others are focused only on cybercrime. They may specialize in specific areas such as attacks-for-hire, hosting malicious stuff, or writing malware.


They don’t care about privacy, personal details or intellectual property. All they care about is money, so they will work on anything that will bring in money. If there is an opportunity they will seize it. If they’re paid money to damage your company, they will gladly accept the offer.


Cyber attacks from cybercrime syndicates are expected to increase in the future. This will bring more damage to companies and organizations than ever.


Good reputation makes you a target

As your company grows, so does your brand recognition. That’s a great thing for attracting better partnerships and clients. Unfortunately, it also puts a target on your company. The cyber-criminals attacking your company aren’t interested in personal information. They are targeting critical infrastructure and sensitive corporate information.
network monitoring prevents attacks
Hacktivists and cyber-criminals want to damage the reputation of a brand. This affects the relationship between a brand and the suppliers, partners, and customers.

Good network monitoring will help against all of these threats


If you let us help your business, we can do many great things together. InspiredTechs is a renown Australian Central Coast IT company. When you partner up with a secure company like us, you minimize your chances of a security attack. Aside from implementing network monitoring, we can solve all your major IT worries. We can enhance your cloud security, protect your business from malware and increase overall Internet security.


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