On Demand IT vs In House – Which Should Your Business Choose?

Utilizing on-demand IT is a choice made by many smart business owners. Yet, some companies still haven’t decided whether outsourcing or in-house IT is a better choice. On-demand IT support has advantages over in-house IT but is it the right choice for your business? If you want to weigh the pros and cons of on-demand IT versus in-house IT, you’ve come to the right place.


Your business type and size and whether you should outsource IT


Businesses of all types and sizes may have different reasons for choosing in-house or on-demand IT. For many businesses, the decision process starts at the question of cost effectiveness. While employing staff for in-house IT might bring down overall costs for one company, the opposite might be the case for another company.


Companies that choose in-house IT over outsourcing are usually those whose businesses operate in the domain of IT and technology. However, even tech-savvy businesses often choose to outsource at least a part of their IT operations. On-demand IT can relieve a lot of pressure regardless of your business size or type.


IT support for businesses has never been more important.

On-demand IT or in-house IT: the pros and cons


Whether you are currently leaning towards in-house or on-demand IT, you should still carefully consider the pros and cons of each.




On-demand IT: The costs associated with IT maintenance are the deciding factor for most companies. When it comes to IT costs, don’t look for ways to cut costs, but boost cost-effectiveness. Businesses that choose a reliable on-demand support partner don’t experience the costs of downtime. You really don’t want to cut corners on your business IT infrastructure.


In-house IT: Many business owners want to count on the fact that having in-house IT will always come with fixed and predictable costs. However, your in-house IT staff won’t be as trained, experienced or available as on-demand IT. Besides, in-house IT support tasks can distract your employees from the business at hand.



You can always divide your tasks between your on demand IT and your in house IT team.



On-demand IT: Outsourced IT support is usually bound to you by contract and should be available 24/7 for all your IT inquiries. Accordingly, depending on your IT partner and your contract, they can resolve any IT issues you may have within moments of their reporting. In terms of availability, outsourcing IT is a far superior option to in-house IT.


In-house IT: Businesses with in-house IT support have to rely on their staff for all of their infrastructure maintenance as well as urgent tasks. If there’s a 3 AM emergency on a holiday, can you count on your in-house IT support to resolve it?


IT support skills and experience


On-demand IT: Companies that provide outsourced IT support are equipped to handle practically any situation. Partner up with an on-demand IT support company with certified and fully trained staff. On-demand IT support staff usually have incomparably more experience and practical knowledge than any in-house IT team.


In-house IT: Companies that rely on support from in-house IT face many situations where their employees are forced to handle an IT mishap that is far beyond their capabilities. An inadequately equipped IT staff can be a huge source of frustration and cost your business too much. An unfortunate IT disaster may even hurt your reputation. Even if you pay to get your in-house IT staff trained, they can just take that knowledge and leave your company. In-house employees will often come and go while on-demand IT support stays with you and your company.


If you outsource IT, make sure your partner can cover all your IT needs and preferences.

Downtime and risk reduction


On-demand IT: By minimizing downtime, you practically invest in the foundation of your business. Downtime and risk reduction should be at the top of your priorities list when deciding whether to outsource or not. The availability of on-demand IT teams, their training and experience will guarantee a stable IT infrastructure for your business.


In-house IT: When it comes to reducing IT risks and downtime, your business IT infrastructure is only is a good as your IT support. Your IT infrastructure will also impact your reputation among your clients. Regardless of the business size or type, strong businesses aim to keep their infrastructure as stable as possible, even if it means dividing tasks between the in-house and on-demand team.


Choosing your on-demand IT support partner

In the past, many businesses leaned towards having in-house IT support. However, advances in technology have raised IT infrastructure demands for even the simplest of businesses. It’s not uncommon to make a compromise and outsource only a part of the IT tasks at your company! But, you must choose the perfect on-demand IT support partner for your business.


Look for an on-demand IT partner with all the necessary knowledge, skills and technology to address a wide spectrum of potential IT issues.


Inspired Techs can be your partner for on demand IT support.

How Inspired Techs can help your business


If you’re looking for an IT support partner that you can trust, Inspired Techs offers everything your business needs. Inspired Techs provide internationally standardized IT support as well as management solutions for all types of businesses and clients. If your goal is to optimize your IT infrastructure and reduce stress for the long haul, Inspired Techs is your best bet!




  • On-demand IT Support
    Complimentary assessments and on-demand support involve desktop computers, cables, web, wireless, WAN/LAN, VoIP, and printers.


  • Managed services
    Inspired Techs is flexible and scalable, so you can have your business running smoothly at all times without draining your budget.


  • Data recovery
    With Inspired Techs, you can always conduct any kind of OS or hard drive recovery and even recover corrupt data.


  • Data security
    Regardless of the threat, all your data will be safe and secure at all times.


  • Disaster recovery
    By partnering up with Inspired Techs you can minimize any potential for a data disaster as well as have quick recovery options.


  • Networking
    The staff at Inspired Techs will work with you to create the optimal network infrastructure for your business.


  • Firewalls
    Keep your business network security at top levels by continually monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic.


  • Virtualisation
    With the Advanced Techs virtualisation solution, your business can save tons of money and maximize return on investment for hardware.


  • Hardware support
    Advanced Techs is your best option for every step along the way, from implementation to hardware assessments and operational support.


  • VCIO
    VCIO stands for Virtual Chief Information Officer, a great option for ongoing evaluation of your business and IT infrastructure.