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Streamline Your Business by Outsourcing Day to Day IT Tasks

Streamline Your Business by Outsourcing Day to Day IT Tasks

When you have a growing business you face a lot of new challenges. One of those is deciding when to “let go” and start outsourcing parts of your work. If you’re reading this, you’re probably considering outsourcing IT in some way.


Perhaps you want to understand all the benefits of outsourcing IT before signing up? Maybe you fear “losing control of your stuff”. Whatever your dilemma, it is important to get informed. You want to really understand what outsourcing your IT will do for you.


Why Outsourcing IT helps you


Get the Expertise


You will have access to experience and knowledge that is impossible to get from a single employee. You are actually getting access to the combined knowledge of dozens of people. That means hundreds or even thousands of years of combined knowledge. You are getting this access at less than the price of hiring one on-staff IT expert.


Outsourcing IT to experts


If you’re like most smart business owners, you know where to cut costs. With on-staff IT, their salary is only your first expense. You have to constantly pay for new training and special programs.


IT moves extremely fast, and the people handling yours need to be up-to-date. An IT outsourcing company will cover that training for their employees. You will get IT support that is up-to-date at fraction of the cost.


Save on Resources


A good IT vendor will provide assistance if you need help with anything IT related at all. You will get customer service anytime you need help. 


Imagine you have some specific problem that’s bogging down your entire business. Nobody on your staff can figure out the solution. You just let your IT vendor know, and they get started on a solution right away. They will work as a team to find a solution for you. It is like having your very own team of experts, right there with you.


Outsourcing IT saves you money


In many instances, a good IT vendor will help you cut down on hardware costs as well. They can procure hardware at lower prices than you can. If you have your own IT staff, you need to provide them with hardware related to support and maintain.


When you hire an external vendor, they bring their own tools with them. So there are many kinds of hardware and software you no longer have to purchase and own.


Gain on Flexibility


If you’re considering outsourcing your IT, then you probably have a growing business. This means that your needs change and evolve, sometimes on a monthly basis. With on-staff IT, you have to make big purchasing and hiring decisions anytime the needs of your business evolve. An external IT vendor can smoothly scale their service right alongside your business. 


External IT vendors have both the up-to-date knowledge and flexibility to help make growth smoother. You won’t need to find new employees for each temporary project. You will have a team that is ready to work on specific and different project at all times. They will be able to throw more or less resources your way as you need it.


Predict your costs


We already mentioned cost savings on things like salaries and IT equipment. Let’s go a step further, though. IT support companies have a lot more experience with changes in costs than you do.


This means they can predict exactly what your costs will be at each stage of growth. They can give you fixed prices. This saves you the stress from having an unknown. When you have your own IT staff, you get hit with new and unexpected costs at the worst times.


However, don’t let yourself go down the “cheap route” too far. While outsourcing IT is about massive costs-savings, it isn’t about “being cheap”. It is about “being smart”.


Don’t fool yourself into seeking out the cheapest IT support company. This will give you more of a headache than anything else. Instead of making your life easier, cheap services end up being an additional stress.


There are two reasons cheap services are such. The first reason is that they cut on quality. Long and insane waiting times, low quality and poorly trained employees, etc. The other reason is that they might have a ton of hidden fees. Not to mention the amount of time you lose with staff having to wait and deal with them.


Sometimes the cheaper service is more expensive in the end. A reasonably priced service will have no hidden fees. Everything is discussed and included upfront as defined. A cheap service will continually find ways to charge you more than you had planned for.


No worries


Since 2009, outsourcing IT has been on a meteoric rise. Businesses are seeing the benefits that come with outsourcing their IT worries. Many influential business leaders are giving this trend trust and credibility. This is why a growing number of organizations are turning to external IT support. This includes anything from the smaller businesses, all the way to medium and large-sized businesses. 


IT outsourcing makes the stress go away


When you run a company you have many worries that are on your mind. Your technology shouldn’t be one of them. In essence your IT should become “transparent”, as something that “just is” and “just works”.


You shouldn’t have worries about data security keeping you awake at night. Your less-wise competitors can worry about that. A third-party can manage your security polices perfectly fine. Just remember that not everyone will be able to meet your expectations. You need to choose the right partner to provide the services you need.


What to look for in an IT company


Matching goals


Before signing a contract with a certain IT company you need to make sure that they can see your vision. That vision should match theirs, so they can deliver great results with the right technology. You need to make sure that you will have all the insights and measurable indicators of performance.


Good negotiation


Make sure that you’re on the same page with the IT company. You need to start on the right foot and make sure that you will get the benefits and services you want. The negotiation should be taken care of, before the contract is signed.


If you want to renegotiate after the contract is signed, it will be more difficult because it requires time and effort from both sides. It can cause tension and can temper with the supplier’s price, motivation and commitment.


A good IT partner will help you discover the right IT strategy for your business so that you can grow together.


Why choose Inspired Techs


We provide great solutions for all of our clients by relieving them from the stress that their IT can bring. We create a direct improvement in your profitability and efficiency. You can easily see that our outstanding services make us better than our competition.


We understand that your projects and day to day tasks are crucial to your goals and ultimate success. You can see us as your very own complete IT department, except you have none of the traditional commitments as with on-site employees.


We will help you achieve a better quality of work. Your customers will appreciate this and reward you with increased profits.


We have a structured approach and excel at effective project management. We are focused on making your experience with us as pleasurable as we can. You will know that you can rely on us and our technology. Your security, happiness and satisfaction is our priority.


Our results are proven and our customers love working with us!


We offer many services, including:


Managed IT Solutions Backup and Disaster Recovery Business Continuity
Cloud Computing Strategies Financial Analysis and ROI Calculations IP Telephony and Unified Communications
Microsoft Infrastructure Migrations and Upgrades Mobile Device Management Secure Networking
Solutions Design Storage Virtualisation


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