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The numerous benefits of remote work for your business

There are numerous benefits of having a remote workforce.

The numerous benefits of remote work for your business

Having in mind the extremely competitive economy, it’s not enough to work harder than your competitors. It is also crucial to work smarter. This means finding ways to better organise your business and become more productive. One way to do this is to utilise the benefits of remote work.

Developing a workforce that can assist you from anywhere in the country (or the world) will undoubtedly bring you all sorts of benefits.


In some cases, utilising remote work can save your company a lot of money. This is especially true when increasing the workforce would require adding more office space.


Fortunately, there are countless remote IT solutions nowadays. These solutions are easy to use and won’t break your budget. In the end, your employees will feel empowered to aid your efforts and help your business grow.


The idea of having a remote workforce was barely an option for most small businesses just a few years back. But, an increasing number of companies are beginning to embrace the trend.


Are you wondering why more and more people are choosing to work from home or from small coffee shops? Read on to learn more about how remote work can boost the growth of your business and why you should stop waiting for the right time to introduce remote work as an option in your company.


Increase in productivity


There are several strong arguments in favor of remote work, and increased productivity is certainly among the top ones.


According to a recent study in the USA, more and more employees say they are willing to work remotely (43% in 2017, which is a 4% increase when compared to 2012).


Meanwhile, a study in Australia showed that 80% of the surveyed respondents would work longer hours if the employer provided them with flexible working hours.


The opportunity to work remotely also leads to employees working smarter, not just harder. They manage their time more effectively and get more things done within a shorter time period. Furthermore, they are less stressed and less distracted when working remotely. Thus, they end up being more cost-effective for employers. It’s a win-win situation.


Reduced commute times


Even if you offer just one or two days of remote work to your employees, you will see an increase in overall productivity. They will spend less time commuting (can take up to 3 or 4 hours per day) and more time working. Furthermore, reducing commute hours is eco-friendly.


The commute costs may not seem that large at first. But, they add up over time. According to a survey in the USA, workers spend an average of 200 hours per year commuting. It’s not much different in Australia.


According to a survey in the USA, workers spend an average of 200 hours per year commuting.


Employees are less likely to leave


In today’s economy, remote work is seen as a badge of honor for some companies. More and more companies will start to introduce remote working as a perk and a way of motivating top prospects to join their company.


It’s no wonder that remote workers are more satisfied with their jobs. In fact, they rarely consider leaving their job positions. Why would they? They’re working from a place of their choosing and companies are clamoring to find quality remote workers.


The flexibility in working hours is seen as an overwhelming positive by employees worldwide. In the end, they are more grateful and loyal to the company for allowing them to exercise autonomy in their workplace.


Reduced costs


Reduced costs are an obvious benefit of having a remote workforce. If you implement this step, you will save money that you would otherwise have to spend on furniture, electricity, tech equipment, and other related expenses.


Even better, remote workers can use the tech devices or computers they have at home. They can work and collaborate using cloud software to manage projects and connect with other employees.


If the majority of your working staff does work remotely, you can rent a much smaller space than otherwise. This way, you can oversee their work and stay in the loop. You are also able to reap the benefits of a co-working office and provide your employees with an opportunity to change their work scenery from time to time.


Increased wellbeing


A major benefit of having a remote workforce is that there are fewer absences due to things like the cold and the flu. After all, there’s no way of spreading germs and viruses via video conferencing. Some governments even require their workers to telecommute as much as possible because it ensures continuity of operations in the event of a health crisis.


Employees that work remotely understandably have extremely lower levels of stress in comparison to their on-site colleagues. They also have an increased sense of work/life balance.


This allows them to be more productive and feel happier since they are not commuting to and from work. As a result, they are able to have more savings in their bank account. Thus, they are more satisfied to be a part of your team instead of having to work in the confines of a small cubicle for 8 hours a day.


Ultimately, not being exposed to constant levels of stress in the workplace leads to a decreased rate of heart disease and that’s a societal good your company would contribute toward.


Access to top talent


Hiring talent exclusively in your area is significantly limiting your options on the talent market. Many companies use video conference calls to attract top job prospects from other geographical areas. Developing a remote workforce opens the opportunity for you to attract top talent in your industry.


Relying on remote work lets you access top talent from all corners of the world


It’s easy to rely on remote work with the help of InspiredTechs


Enjoying the benefits of having a remote workforce is easy when you have the IT professionals from InspiredTechs by your side. Our professionals will set up the infrastructure that is necessary for you to be able to remotely control your workflow and communicate with your employees from all corners of the world.


We can also set up the infrastructure and software designed for video-conferencing, as well as the platform for collaboration and sharing of documents between your employees.


Another thing you can count on is our 24/7 support, regardless of holidays or weekends. If you encounter difficulties in managing your remote workforce, we are here to help you right away. It’s our goal to make sure that you embrace the remote work approach that will transform your business into a super-productive and efficient machine.

If you’re ready to see an amazing boost in your business efficiency and productivity, feel free to contact us now.