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Can Your Small Business Manage IT Internally?

small business IT - doing it yourself is hard

Can Your Small Business Manage IT Internally?

Getting it right when it comes to small business IT is not always easy. There are a lot of options to consider. Should you do your IT on your own, or should you outsource? Do you hire a specialized IT crew to work for you, or do you get all your regular employees learn IT on the side? If you outsource, how do you find the best IT provider?


Why small businesses want to manage IT internally


There are some companies that decide to manage their IT internally for various reasons. An oft-given reason for doing IT internally is “to save money”. On the surface, doing your own IT might seem like a reasonable way to reduce expenses at first. However, many downsides will come up the longer you do your own IT. These expenses will override the “savings” and make internal IT more expensive in the long run.


Another thing you need to consider is just how crucial IT is to business success today. In a time like this, IT is not the sector where you should make compromises. It’s natural for a small business owner to want to manage their IT internally. Quite often though it is not the best idea.


Not every small business' infrastructure can benefit from in-house maintenance.

“Saving on costs” can backfire


The desire to save money can easily backfire when it comes to managing IT internally. Small businesses that have their in-house staff handle mundane IT tasks distract their staff from other important tasks. There aren’t many cases where are in-house staff has the same skills range and experience as a dedicated IT support team. Besides, your IT staff should be available around-the-clock for urgent events as well as maintenance.


Reliability and surrendering control


Many small business owners prefer to manage IT internally because they think the infrastructure of the business is better off in the hands of a company employee. No one expects business owners to trust every IT support supplier. Outsourcing even the simplest, routine tasks can help your employees in the long run. Try to treat outsourcing IT like every other business partnership. It’s far from difficult to find a company that will make outsourcing IT worth it.


The pros and cons to managing IT internally


Find a partner you can trust and you won't have to worry about reliability or surrendering control.

Cost vs cost effectiveness


Considering IT support should be available 24/7, outsourcing IT can save your small business lots of resources on the hiring front. Your in-house employees can come and go. Managing IT internally will require time and money for training every time you have a new employee. Outsourced IT teams are less expensive and bound to you by contract, so consistency is guaranteed.


Experience and skills range


Businesses of all sizes have seen numerous benefits from outsourcing IT. Most of the benefit comes from the larger experience pool and wider skills range. Having a dedicated IT team also means that you won’t have to spend any of your company time or money on training. The certified IT team you collaborate with always has the required skills and experience to keep your systems to their optimal performance levels.


Support availability


In-house IT staff are oftentimes employees with other tasks and regular working hours. Even if you have a 24/7 availability agreement, outsourcing is practically always a better solution simply because of the exclusive commitment. Outsourcing IT guarantees not just around-the-clock support, but higher quality support as well.


Downtime and potential failure


Businesses that outsource their IT have incomparably more stable systems and infrastructure compared to those with in-house IT support. If any kind of IT problem occurs during any time of the day, an outsourced IT support team will have it taken care of in no time. Unlike in-house IT, outsourced IT support will routinely work towards preventing and reducing future risks.


Partner up with a reliable IT provider to minimize downtime mitigate associated risks.

Risk reduction


With the right IT partner, your small business will see many more benefits compared to businesses relying on in-house IT support. You have many crucial needs such as quality network attacks prevention, data security, and disaster recovery. All of these dictate that the need for high quality IT support is not to be underestimated these days. With the right outsourcing partner, you can save money in the long run while keeping your company systems and infrastructure running smoothly.


Managing small business IT the smart way


Prioritizing IT tasks


It doesn’t matter how much resources you think you will save by choosing in-house IT instead of outsourced support. You must keep your company priorities in check at all times. If you don’t want different aspects of your business to suffer, you mustn’t overwhelm employees that function as in-house IT. You can outsource just a portion of your IT tasks and keep your IT, employees, and business operating at their best.


Outsourcing with the right partner


In general, outsourcing with the right partner will definitely lower your IT expenses in the long run. However, time and money are not the only resources the right outsourcing partner will help you optimize. Business security and a piece of mind are priceless benefits, and the right outsourcing partner can help provide them.


What to look for in an IT support partner


The best IT partner will have all the technology, knowledge and skills to address and solve existing problems, as well as prevent potential complications. Look for a partner that can continually reevaluate your infrastructure and offer the latest technology to optimize your IT infrastructure.


The best partner for small business IT solutions


Partner up with Inspired Techs and your IT infrastructure will always be in safe hands.


Inspired Techs is a company that provides internationally standardized IT support, management and solutions for individual clients and businesses alike. By partnering with Inspired Techs you can reduce stress and optimize your IT for success. Efficiency and profitability are among the top priorities for Inspired Techs, so your IT will always be in safe hands.


Inspired Techs services

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