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Understanding the Dangers of Cloud Computing for Businesses

Understanding the Dangers of Cloud Computing for Businesses

You have probably heard about all the benefits that make cloud computing attractive to both individuals and businesses. Whether you are using your smartphone or a desktop computer, cloud computing enables quick access to your information from anywhere, at anytime. The only thing you need is an Internet connection and you can reach a myriad of files, applications and data. However, regardless of the numerous benefits, most businesses are not aware about the dangers of cloud computing and the ways in which it can affect their business.

When it comes to business usage, cloud computing is known for the easy, cost-effective, and hassle-free approach to useful information. Due to its benefits, it’s certainly here to stay for a long time. Consider just some of the strengths of cloud computing:

  • Using cloud computing doesn’t require software or hardware installation and maintenance.
  • Businesses don’t have to worry about upgrading their resources with the latest apps available to get the best out of the cloud service.
  • Businesses can provide unique services using resources from cloud providers, while only paying for the actual capacity used.
  • Easy and instant access to various cloud computing services due to optimised IT infrastructure.

Even though the benefits of using cloud computing for business are immense, it is important to learn and understand the dangers of cloud computing services. If you are one of the numerous cloud business users, here is what you need to consider.

Cloud computing danger No.1 – Accessibility issues

Even though most cloud services claim to offer flawless accessibility and high fault tolerance, some users may experience hours of service disruption. Challenging access to important data due to malicious attackers or issues with the cloud provider is certainly not under your control. Such interruptions may force you to waste your valuable time and money, resulting in negative consequences for your business.

dangers of cloud computing for businesses - accessibility issues

Cloud computing danger No.2 – Small room for negotiation

One of the major dangers when using cloud computing is that you entirely depend on the cloud provider in means of terms and conditions. Once you accept their offer, one that is usually based on service level issues and availability, there isn’t much left to negotiate. There are only so many vendors that will allow you to choose the service you prefer. Most of them will just provide what they have – that is as negotiable as you can hope for.

Cloud computing danger No.3 – Important business information at risk

The top concern businesses have when it comes to cloud computing is the security of the important information that is crucial to their operations. Having such information put into publicly accessible services like cloud computing is a huge risk for the business itself. And, we don’t just mean hackers. Sharing data through links via Dropbox can be accessible to third parties – strangers you don’t want to gain access to important or sensitive information.

Cloud computing danger No.4 – Doesn’t prepare users for the changes

Even though one of the major benefits of cloud computing is avoiding the hassle of managing systems, this benefit can sometimes become quite dangerous itself. For example, when the cloud vendor schedules a new update, its users are usually the last ones to find out about it. The good thing about such updates is that they are managed by the vendor in a quick and efficient manner. But if you don’t want that particular update – there is not much you can do about it.

While managing system upgrades by skilled cloud IT professionals can cost money, it provides you with the control and time you need to prepare for the changes. Otherwise, upgrades can happen overnight and you may one morning end up at work, wondering how to use the fancy new, upgraded dashboard.

dangers of cloud computing for businesses - unwanted updates

Cloud computing danger No.5 – Multi-tenancy

Multi-tenancy is the core of public cloud computing. It is all about sharing computer resources, meaning that many non-related users can share memory, storage, CPU, and other computing resources at certain points. As much as it sounds great, it can be quite risky in terms of private data accidentally leaking to users who can cause harm, like peeking into the IP address and memory space of others.

Cloud computing danger No.6 – Reliance on third parties

Many cloud computer users believe they shouldn’t waste their time and money maintaining expensive servers and complex software upgrades. Why bother doing it, when someone else can do it for you? While this may sound amazing, the reality is usually not so pretty. It may be great to have access to an online help desk, but what happens if the WiFi goes down or other things go wrong?

In order to prevent such unpleasant experiences which are a result of relying on third parties, it’s always wise to hire dependable cloud IT professionals. Having a devoted IT team maintaining your system leads to better service and high efficiency.

Hire devoted IT professionals to avoid the dangers of cloud computing

If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or an employee, chances are you have used and relied upon cloud services at some point. But you may not be aware of the dangers of cloud computing unless you’ve experienced the uncomfortable feeling of losing important data or lost time due to unexpected system upgrades.

Using cloud IT services certainly offers you the benefit of focusing on other important aspects of your business other than securing data. When you hire well-trained and committed cloud IT professionals, you can have a peace of mind knowing that your important information is in safe hands. You can even access some data that may be challenging to access otherwise.

dangers of cloud computing - how to avoid them

As most businesses nowadays depend on a fast and reliable network, having a high-performing network is crucial. Having your important information and other data stored on a reliable server and maintained by our devoted cloud IT professionals is quite beneficial.

In addition, having professionals who can help in case of data loss is immeasurably relieving for many young entrepreneurs. It can save you hours or even days of hard work and help you focus on the other important aspects of your business. With the support of our quality cloud IT professionals, you can spend your time doing what you enjoy doing the most.