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The NBN got you down?

national broadband network (NBN) headaches

The NBN got you down?

The “National Broadband Network” (NBN for short) is a national telecommunications infrastructure project. Originally it was created with the vision that it would ensure a fast, stable internet for all homes in Australia. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case on several fronts.


We were already ranking quite low in terms of internet speeds before the NBN – in fact, we ranked at 48. In the last couple of years, we have fallen back even further to around 50th on the list. This means that the NBN hasn’t achieved its first goal. Instead of giving Australia a faster internet, it has actually become even slower. We have more or less gone backward compared to the rest of the world.


However, this is not what I am talking about today. As a business owner, speed isn’t the main thing that affects your business. It’s that second promise we’re looking at today – stability. In this article I am going to highlight some areas of NBN that can directly affect your business operations and potentially cause havoc to your ability to operate, so keep reading.




You’ve probably experienced this more times than you’d like. You’re working away happily and then suddenly there’s no internet! These kinds of dropouts were supposed to be eliminated with the creation of the National Broadband Network. Unfortunately, the opposite has happened and dropouts have amplified with the move to the NBN.


It gets worse though. Dropouts no longer just mean “no internet”. In prior times, our phones were on clunky copper lines, completely separate from the internet connection. However, with the move to NBN, all of our services are bundled onto the internet. This means that when the internet goes out, it also affects your phones. People can no longer reach you.


And the biggest irony here is that in this same time period, businesses have grown more dependent on an internet connection. Our reliability on having a stable working internet connection has grown by more than 70% over the last few years. That’s right – we need a stable internet more than ever, but we’re getting less of it.


Things have started improving slightly as the NBN network has started to mature, however, there are still a lot of problems with the network, and that’s not going to disappear anytime soon.


Protecting your business – Inspired Techs own NBN horror story


In October this year (2017), we had our own NBN nightmare. The NBN connection at the Inspired Techs office went out in the middle of a workday.


Fortunately, we practice what we preach and have a failover connection in place. We utilize a 4g (mobile network) to automatically bridge any gaps. None of our 6 employees even noticed that there was dropout with the NBN connection. This is we set it up this way, it’s meant to bridgeover in a smooth and unnoticeable way.


Imagine if we left our faith in NBN’s hands:


We wouldn’t be able to take phone calls from clients Our clients would get completely frustrated about not being able to reach us
Our team would be unable to support our clients The businesses we serve would be unable to get any support
The day to day operations would come to a complete halt Our business reputation would get completely destroyed


It took a full 7 days for the NBN to finally get a tech on site to have a look. And it turns out that another NBN tech actually decided to unplug our connection at the exchange. Apparently, NBN’s notes did not specify us as an active internet connection, so they just unplugged us and used our connection for whatever they were connecting.


If a computer-heavy business gets unplugged and goes offline for 7 days, that would probably have some major catastrophic consequences. On the other hand, if this business has 4g failover, they wouldn’t even notice the difference. NBN fault or not, it’s just another good day at the office.


A small investment in a 4g backup solution can protect you from all of this pain and prevent serious disasters. Pretty neat considering that it involves an investment of $35ex/month and some one-off costs for hardware.


However, you do need to know to implement a system that will switch over automatically. With our help, you too will never have to even “realize” if there’s an NBN dropout in your office. If you need help with implementing such a solution, feel free to contact us at any time. Our team will help you implement a plan that ensures your business never sees downtime.