Why Data Security is So Important to Businesses of all Sizes

Electronic systems are used both in the business world as well as in our private everyday lives. There are various electronic systems and they are used for all kinds of purposes. The one thing that all electronic systems have in common is the fact that they are used to operate with data. A reliable electronic system of any kind needs adequate data security in order to operate in full working order.

Regardless of their size, all businesses are involved in providing either services, goods or both to their customers. Businesses of all types and sizes work with many different kinds of data. Information regarding the company’s employees, products, services or customers – all of it is data.

Why data security must be taken seriously

The electronic systems used by businesses operate with all kinds of sensitive and confidential data. The systems that handle the data must be secured in the best possible way. When it comes to running a business of any size, all data is important data. Data security is vital for every business, regardless of its size.

All businesses have data that needs to be secured properly.

Data as an asset

Anyone who is running a business is also in ownership of any information regarding the business itself. This includes information about the products or services offered by the company, business plans and financial plans, information about the buyers of the goods or services.

Some of the business data is used for risk mitigation, revenue optimization as well as overall improvement of the business. By the sole fact that data can generate future benefits, it becomes an asset. Any asset used to improve your business should remain secure and confidential – and such is the importance of data as an asset.

Business reputation

All businesses exist to provide goods or services to others. Even by simply buying a single item with a credit card, your clients are trusting you with sensitive information. Of course, no serious business would intentionally abuse their clients’ information. However, even an unintentional data leak could easily affect your business reputation.

Any data leaks and any security breaches are a threat that is just as real to businesses of all sizes. When there is a security breach, there is more than just money at stake. Flawed data security puts all your clients at risk, and as a consequence also the future of your business. Reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy.

Flawed security systems put way too much sensitive data on risk.

What businesses can do to provide outstanding data security for their clients

There are many risks, threats and consequences of flawed data security systems. Security breaches affect businesses of all sizes equally. The potential risks definitely outweigh the costs needed to implement excellent data security. There are several preventive security measures that should be taken by businesses of all sizes.

Data backup

Backing up data on a regular basis should be a routine for all serious businesses. Data backup is the regular copying, reorganizing and storing of digital information. Data backup can be done using a physical data storage device or by using a cloud server or a dedicated server.

Data backup is important for businesses because it allows them to access data from an earlier time. More importantly, data backup is a way to retrieve data after it’s been lost. Data can easily get lost in a security breach. All kinds of digital information can get deleted or corrupted. Data backup is the first step towards data security.

Data recovery

Data recovery is a process of reclaiming data that is no longer easily accessible due to corrupted or damaged storage. The damage could be both on the physical storage device as well as a damage to the file system. In most cases, implementing regular data backups can significantly ease the process of data recovery.

Corrupt data is just a fragment of the possible consequences for businesses without adequate data security systems.

For most businesses, data recovery is needed because of corrupt partitions and filesystems or overwritten data. A data recovery plan should be a part of the data security strategy of every business.

Virus & spam protection

A virus or a malware program is a malicious software that replicates itself into other programs or files. An undetected virus or malware could easily infect and damage important data. Viruses and malware can also corrupt data, access private information, spread spam and leak confidential details.

Viruses are often harmful to business data, but even when they don’t affect data, they can harm the reputation of a business.


Firewalls are network security systems. Firewalls monitor the network traffic and control it based on fixed security rules. A firewall is practically a barrier between an internal network, like the one inside a company, and any external network – the Internet.

Firewalls can restrict access to all suspicious incoming or outgoing traffic. Firewalls can prevent infection and spreading of malware and networked computer worms. Network firewalls are usually running on computer hardware. Host-based firewalls are software-based and control the traffic of the machine they are installed on.

How Inspired Techs can help you secure your data and your business

Inspired Tech is an Australian company that provides a variety of IT services. Inspired Techs can work with your IT team or become your IT team and take care of all things related to IT support and management.

Inspired Techs can help you keep your data secure at all times.

Flawless data security is by no means easy to achieve. However, compared to the potential unwanted consequences, it is definitely worth the effort to secure your business data. Inspired Techs is a company that will go the extra mile to make sure your data is always flawlessly secure.

Data security is an ongoing journey, not a one stop destination. Inspired Techs will provide all the necessary security measures and processes on an ongoing basis.

Data backup Firewalls
Disaster recovery Company security policies
Anti-virus Security assessments

With malware and hackers becoming more sophisticated than ever, it takes an agile IT team to keep your business data intact. Inspired Techs will monitor and maintain your systems and data round the clock. With the services of Inspired Techs, any potential issues will be detected and resolved before they become a problem or a threat.

Growing up with a Commodore 64, the founder of Inspired Techs, Leon Black, has been passionate about computers ever since. Leon Black has won the first place in the Young Entrepreneur Category on the NSW Business Chamber Business Awards program. This goes to show that Inspired Techs is a company based on real passion and profound interest in technology.

Businesses get managed data security services either before or after a security mishap – but it’s better to prepare and prevent than repair and repent.