Would a vCIO help in Your Business?

Businesses today are growing increasingly tech-reliant. This makes proper management of IT infrastructure crucial for their success. And if you think about it, this probably includes your business as well. Hiring a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) is one of the smartest ways to manage and maintain your IT resources.

Does your company need a vCIO?

Companies can grow faster and increase their productivity by introducing ever more advanced technological solutions. This accentuates the need for proper management of said IT systems in terms of strategy, security and efficiency.

In larger enterprises, this is the job of a CIO. The CIO manages corporate IT systems and develops strategies for their optimal utilization. The smartest companies exploit the full potential and benefits of technological resources. This allows them to experience faster business growth and optimal performance in all operational segments.

Every company should have an expert in charge of implementing, analyzing and strategizing IT solutions throughout the organization. However, the associated costs (salary, benefits, insurance, office space) can be an issue. Sometimes the costs make this an impossible idea for small to medium-size organizations.

As a general rule, companies with under 250 people on staff can do without an in-house CIO

This is provided that their business doesn’t rely extensively on IT technology for operation and growth. Whether you need an on-staff CIO also depends on the role technology plays in achieving your business objectives.

Businessman working in office

If you’re running a smaller business your budget probably doesn’t allow you to hire a CIO. Consider trying an equally effective alternative – a virtual CIO to take care of your IT resources. Basically, this involves transferring the role of the chief information officer (or the entire IT department) to an external provider. This way, you’ll gain the same level of expertise, strategic and tech management at a fraction of the cost you’d pay for having an on staff C-level executive in charge of your IT resources.

Furthermore, unless you own an IT company or have tech background, hiring an external IT expert is highly advisable. Such expert will help you keep up with IT trends, and decide which infrastructure is best and most cost-effective. 

Benefits of hiring a vCIO for your business

Let us explore how a vCIO can help your organization and propel your business success…

Optimization of resources and increased efficiency

Outsourcing the IT management aspect yields multiple benefits. Your IT infrastructure is properly managed and your staff can focus on their primary responsibilities. You can’t expect your regular employees to be fully versed in all IT standards and job intricacies. Putting additional burdens on them can compromise your overall performance.

A good vCIO has vast tech knowledge and strategic expertise. This allows your vCIO to help you optimize your IT systems, so that they are fully aligned with your needs and objectives. This way, all work will be done more quickly and efficiently, and productivity will increase.

The vCIO has the same duties and responsibilities as in-office employees. The vCIO develops an IT plan, monitors its implementation, and makes sure IT resources are properly allocated to fully support and match your business goals.

Data security

The safety of your business data is of utmost importance. You have a lot of sensitive data stored on your various computer systems. You just can’t be too careful when it comes to protection from security threats. Your vCIO equals a team of skilled professionals capable of preventing malicious attacks to your system. All the while performing regular system updates and creating security policies.

Another benefit of using virtual CIO services is that the vCIO works around the clock, providing 24 hour network security and protection. In a word, instead of fixing security problems, the virtual CIO will actually prevent them from occurring in the first place.

your vCIO will make sure that important bits of data re always protected

Disaster preparedness and recovery

Disaster recovery involves policies and procedures that allow the recovery of vital IT infrastructure and ensure business continuity. This is typically after a disruptive event (severe power outages, floods, fire).

By performing daily network monitoring to ensure everything runs perfectly, your vCIO will help you eliminate downtime that can cost you thousands of dollars in expenses and lost revenue. Monitoring helps detect data flow issues as they happen, so you can take care of them promptly. Also, your vCIO can develop a business continuity strategy that suits your specific needs.

Data integration

By integrating all of your valuable company data, your vCIO will help you avoid duplication and redundancy of operations. As a result, you can share information more effectively. Furthermore, the vCIO can reduce the risk of data loss via migration of data, and design plans for optimal data storage and access.

Consultancy services

Your VCIO can provide you with unique advice tailored to your specific business needs. This includes consultations about IT investments you’re planning to make. The IT operations of your company require that you pay attention to a host of details, like regulatory compliance, business continuity, as well as security standards and policies.

By hiring a vCIO, an entire team of IT professionals will be at your disposal to provide industry-specific advice and expertise. Through an in-depth analysis of your business objectives and assessment of your current technology resources, the vCIO can advise you on how to make the most out of your IT budget. This includes expert recommendations regarding purchases. They’ll help you decide on the best hardware, software and cloud solutions. In the end, all of these quality decisions will allow you to achieve your goals much more quickly.


A vCIO can also provide objective and customized reports and analytics about your current IT resources. They can select and implement tools for data visualization and analytics. This makes the reports more comprehensive and easy-to-understand. You can also rely on your vCIO to help you with other technology-related issues. This includes things like the choice of printers and copiers, internet providers, phone systems, cloud services, cell phone providers, and so on.

When choosing a vCIO for your business, make sure you’re choosing wisely

More precisely, ensure that the provider you’re hiring has experience with companies of your size and field of business. Your provider also needs to be affordable and capable of providing smart solutions towards your business growth.

The skilled and competent vCIO consultants at InspiredTechs will be happy to assess your specific company requirements and design the perfect solution for your IT needs.

We can provide support to your internal IT department in terms of strategic planning, expertise and investments. We can also fully assume the role of your organization’s IT team, so you can completely focus on core business matters.